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How You Can Help

Your support for ¡PlayBall! empowers so much ministry. You will bring quality instruction to lots of boys on ball fields throughout the country – oh do they enjoy their time at ¡PlayBall!. You will influence communities with gospel impact – coaches, parents and siblings are reached through ¡PlayBall! You empower the ministry of nationals and advance the building of Christ’s church.

Here are several vital ways to support the expansion of ¡PlayBall!:

Site Set-up:

A gift for ¡PlayBall! site set-up helps provide all the equipment necessary to provide ¡PlayBall! in a new location:  Hitting tent, batting tees, baseballs, bats, helmets, bases and equipment bags.

Veteran’s Scholarship:

¡PlayBall! veterans (participants that have participated more than one year)are the building blocks for growth. They provide the necessary experience to sustain present locations and open new ones. This scholarship fund reduces veteran’s ministry expenses allowing them to return more frequentlyfor ¡PlayBall! service.

All about Baseballs:

¡PlayBall! uses lots baseballs! ¡PlayBall! needs lots of baseballs! We use them for instruction, we supply them to coaches, and we award them to boys to encourage good effort. Designate any size gift for “baseballs” and you will supply quality baseballs for “the boys of baseball”.

New and Quality Used Equipment:

All baseball equipment, both new and quality used, is a value to ¡PlayBall! ministries. We use some for the instruction stations, and we use some to supply Dominican coaches for their work with the boys of baseball. Providing quality equipment to them is a testimony that honors the Lord and benefits their work with the boys in very tangible ways.

Send equipment to:

Baptist Mid-Missions
Attention: ¡PlayBall!
PO 308011
7749 Webster Road
Cleveland OH 44130-8011

¡PlayBall! 2016 dates are June 24-July 4, 2016-

We can't wait to ¡PlayBall!