There’s a special place in the heart of a boy for the man who plays baseball with him

Come watch ¡PlayBall! in action and you will see dedicated instructors who take very seriously being ambassadors for Jesus Christ. We delight at the opportunity to be a positive influence in young lives. We’ll be playing catch. We’ll be hitting grounders for infield practice. We’ll be teaching baseball—skills, drills and strategy. We thrive on giving personal attention as we teach the game we love.

You will see boys organized into groups of 15-20 players. You will see 6 stations set up throughout the ballfield. The groups rotate through the stations. Five of the stations provide solid baseball instruction with effective training activities: batting, throwing, infield, outfield and base-running. Station number six is the gospel station, where trained instructors teach vital truths from God’s Word, the Bible. The boys learn who Jesus Christ is and why He died. They hear that God loves them. They listen to His wonderful plan of salvation. They are invited to receive Him as personal Savior from their sins through repentance and faith. The local Baptist churches that host ¡PlayBall! provide continued ministries for each of the participants.

On the field, ¡PlayBall! provides quality baseball instruction and vital lessons for life.

¡PlayBall! 2024 dates are June 28-July 8, 2024.