Do you have the ¡PlayBall!  heart?

The ¡PlayBall! roster is filled with guys from a variety of ages and backgrounds:

  • baseball coaches
  • college students
  • pastors
  • businessmen
  • high school students
  • teachers
  • technicians

What do we have in common? We have a heart for God evidenced by a growing walk with the Lord Jesus Christ. We have a love for baseball and a burden for souls. We are team players who are eager to carry out the ¡PlayBall! mission with our service. We enjoy working with boys on the ball field. We desire to represent Jesus Christ well. We embrace the cross-cultural ministry partnership that ¡PlayBall! affords. Some of us have baseball experience, some have evangelism experience, some have translation experience. All of us thrill that baseball can be a tool for advancing the gospel. That’s the ¡PlayBall! heart. And if that is you, we invite you to join the team!

Roles include:

  • Instructors—utilize baseball skills and experience to lead instruction stations.
  • Assistant Instructors—help instructors in guiding boys through the skills and drills of ¡PlayBall!
  • Gospel Station Leaders—capable communicators of spiritual truth that lead ¡PlayBall! gospel stations.
  • Translators—serve with an instructor to properly communicate the ¡PlayBall! curriculum in fluent Spanish.

We are building a team with the ¡PlayBall!  heart. How about you?

¡PlayBall! 2024 dates are June 28-July 8, 2024.